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I Want a Podcast!

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  • The Obsession with College

    As a graduating Senior, I’ve had my fair share of College related stress lately. Back in Freshman year I started getting really interested in College and what started as a fun exploration soon turned into an obsession. As a graduating Senior, I’ve had my fair share of college related stress lately. Back in Freshman year… Read more

  • Son of a Witch!

    Ah, European male witches in the Middle Ages. That’s a topic that doesn’t get enough attention. After all, who needs equality when you’ve got centuries of gender-based oppression to maintain? When we think of witches, we tend to picture pointy hats, broomsticks, and cauldrons bubbling over with potions. And while it’s true that witches in… Read more

  • Phoebe Bridgers Stop Making Me Cry Challenge *Impossible*

    Whenever I’m feeling emo I lie down in bed, surround myself in Squishmallows, and search Spotify for “Phoebe Bridgers.” Her covers, especially of Tom Waits’s “Georgia Lee” and “Day After Tomorrow” hit hard but it’s her original music that hurts the most. Phoebe’s voice is soft yet raw, the vulnerability of her vocals are enough… Read more

  • Throwback to Reading Logs

    Like most people, I have mixed opinions on reading logs. On the positive, they motivate me to read which is something that’s become less and less frequent the more I’m in school. On the flip side, reading logs make me associate reading with negative feelings I have about homework like stress and anger, and generally… Read more

  • AI Lyric Art

    What do some of my favorite song lyrics look like as AI art? Let’s find out! AI art is a form of digital art created by artificial intelligence algorithms. It is a fascinating mix of visuals, audio, and data. By giving an AI algorithm access to a large database of music, pictures, or videos, it… Read more

  • 24/7 Sylvia Plath

    The only way I can do homework is to listen to Lana Del Rey. Something about her ethereal vocals and lyrics I can make out about half the time provides ambience without distracting me. One of my favorite Lana songs is “hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have – but… Read more


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